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william brandreth
« on: September 01, 2008, 03:52:21 AM »
hows this for determination.
pte 11827 william brandreth enlisted in the 19th manchesters in early sept 1914,ime assuming he was discharged as unfit before they left for grantham.
he then turns up on 1-6-15,and enlists in 20th manchesters,as pte 26031,and discharged as unfit for military service on 19-6-15.
then on 13-10-15,he enlists in the 3/8th manchesters,as pte 41827,then posted to the 2nd battalion,as pte 41354.
he was killed in action,on 17th november 1917.
his father.also william,served in the 2nd battalion as pte 1569 william brandreth,26-8-1886 till 23-8-1898
lived at 11 hawthorne st,ardwick.