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William Edward Oxley
« on: August 06, 2008, 10:58:59 PM »
I have now confirmed that Albert was my great uncle.  I'm now looking at what happened to his father, William Edward Oxley.  It says on Ancestry that he died in France in 1914, but I can't find him on the casualty lists.  I'm not even sure if he was with the Manchesters, but there is a William Oxley listed with the Manchesters Labour Corps (?) and also a William Oxley with the Manchesters on, but nothing on the casualty list.

Can anyone shed any light on him for me?  Sorry to be such a pest!!
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Re: William Edward Oxley
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can you post the document you found on ancestry so we can see it please

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Re: William Edward Oxley
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The info I found on Ancestry saying that he died in France in 1914 has now been removed after I contacted Charles Oxley, who's family tree I found the information on, and queried it.  The date he gave (March 1914) was actually before the war broke out, so what he was doing in France, and how he was killed are a bit of a mystery.  Charles replied and said he would try to find out more and would let me know.  The William Oxley's I have found from the Manchester Regiment are here:

And also this:

But then there is a William E Oxley in the East Yorkshire Regiment Machine Gun corps here:

How do I find out if one of these is my great great grandfather??   ??? ???

If anyone could shed any light I would be very grateful.

Many thanks again

Nina x x