Author Topic: Pilgrimage plan in honour of Private Samuel Lindsey 42449, 2nd/7th Batallion  (Read 188 times)

Hello and thanks very much for letting me join you! I discovered the forum by talking to Tim Bell on twitter.

I'm currently researching the route that the 2nd/7th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment took through France before they arrived at Saint Quinten and took part in the Battle for Manchester Hill. My aim is to walk from Boulogne to the Manchester Hill location, finishing at Pozieres. This is in honour of my great-Uncle - Private Samuel Lindsey, 42449. He was born in 1896 and even though he was from Lincolnshire, he joined the Manchester Regiment and was killed during that battle on March 21st, 1918, aged just 22. My father and I have visited Pozieres where he's remembered, but I wanted to do something bigger and follow in his footsteps. If anyone can help me with this, or any more information about the battalion, I'd be very grateful! I'd also be very interested in discovering which (if any) medals he would've received. Thanks for reading this!

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Hi Jon-Michael,
I referred you to the forum because my knowledge of the 2nd line Territorials isn't great.  Hopefully someone will come along and provide some tiips on 2/7th Bn.
Just to confirm I have sent the link to the War Diary
and 66th Div record
Also check out the NLS trench maps to see where events took place.  The 2/7th were north of 16th Bn defence of Manchester Hill but faced very similar cricumstances.
Welcome to the Forum
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Hi Tim,

Thanks very much for the links and the introduction to the group, much appreciated!