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1/5th Batt. Man. Regt. Researching Newspapers - Tips
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To other researchers:
Having collected the orders for the 'Wigan and Leigh Volunteers' from 1859 to 1914, here are some tips to speed up the research.
January - There are few orders printed in January. A majority are reprints of December of the previous year.
Feb - Nov. Over 90% of the orders for the 21st LVRC, 4th Admin Batt and the 1st Battalion are printed on page 4 of the Wigan Observer. Look for the term 'Wigan Observer' in an old font type. The orders are usually posted above it. Occasionally orders were printed on Pg5 or 8.
Leigh Chronicle - Atherton on Leigh Orders where usually printed on Pg.5. Sometimes Atherton's are on Pg.5 and Leigh on Pg.8.
Patricroft - Manchester Courier is the best paper to use.
The Volunteer Service Gazette provides information of the changes to Volunteer Regulations and the promotions of Officers. The paper can be easier to search than the London Gazette.

Search terms - Before 1868 - use the term Twenty-First, between 1871 and 1882 use the term Fourth or Volunteer. After 1881 until 1908, the terms 'Battalion' or 'Volunteer' for Wigan and 'Volunteer' for Leigh. Post 1908 the terms 'Battalion' or Territorial' should be used. These terms will cover most of the articles in the papers.