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Major Nigel Johnson
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Nigel  died on 3 April of pneumonia after six months in hospital in Sussex.   Originally a National Service 2nd Lieutenant he was commissioned in the Regiment on18 June 1953.  After a period at Ladysmith Barracks  he joined 1st Manchesters in Malaya in early November and commanded 2 Platoon.  Much of 2 Platoon's time was now spent in and around the 'Bongsu' jungle patrolling and laying ambushes, some of which were highly satisfactory.
Post NS from November 1954 to November 1957 he served with the Army Phantom Signal Regiment (Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment ) latterly commanding the Airborne Troop. After civilian employment in East Africa he joined 1sr Bn Lancastrian Volunteers as 2i/c HQ Company and later OC B Company.  In retirement Nigel was a highly successful and popular member  of the Manchester Regiment Officers Association.