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2571860 cyril sever
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26th may 1940

elements of 13th,14th and 15th platoons,2nd manchesters were holding the small village of riez du vinage which was 3 miles south of epinett,on the morning of 26th may a group of the manchesters were ambushed at epinett and four men were killed in the first burst of fire,the rest were ordered to scatter,the four men were.

3524060 john donnelly[14th platoon]
driver 3531013 thomas,heyes rostron[13th platoon]
3521325 john simpson[15th platoon]
2571860 cyril sever[15th platoon]

cyril sever is buried in colonne sur la lys communal cemetery,he was buried by the germans originally,but later exhumed by the villagers and buried in their cemetery[above]over a dozen british soldiers in this cemetery who bodies were exhumed are unidentified because their original grave markers were illeligible or their ID tags had been removed by the germans,if cyrils body was buried then the other three must have been buried at the same time