Author Topic: Guillemont 30th July 1916 - 90th Bgd Attachments  (Read 26 times)

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Guillemont 30th July 1916 - 90th Bgd Attachments
« on: September 13, 2020, 06:02:10 PM »
I've always been interested to address the changes that took place in the nature of the Pals after Montauban & Trones Wood for 90th Brigade Battalions.  We know that drafts arrived from numerous Battalions of different Regiments before the assault on Guillemont.  Analysis has always been difficult because the men were attached, rather than transferred and CWGC rarely idenitfied attachments.  18th Bttn War Diary gives an excellent breakdown of casuaties for men attached, including members of 12 different Bttns of the Lancs Fusils and 8 other Regiments. 
Hidden away in Medal Rolls, Soldiers Effects, Service and CWGC records are numerous references to attachments. I'm compiling a list for CWGC to update attachments (which also provides the opportunity to add NoK and full names).  This currently shows 63 men from 14 Regiments where attachment is confirmed.  56 dead men were also attached to 2nd RSF - all Scottish Regiments. This should result in 12 commemorations being moved to Theipval from the Menin Gate, Loos or Ploegstreet Memorials.
I have more checking to do on 18th Bttn casualties and will submit the changes.  Ultimately I've only scraped the surface where proof is avaliable ; too may Service Records are missing, or have lost the Casualty Record.  There are many men who were assumed dead, serving in units away from the line, so it is pressing logic that they were also attached.
I'll work on some likely cases later, to see what I think the picture shows.
Any tips are welcome.
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