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sgt 38544 john curran
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when you read sgt currans record,you would think that he was a dreadful soldier who should have been slung out of the army or thrown in jail,he was charged with being AWOL on two occasions during the war and deserting on another,he rejoined the regt after the war and he was again in trouble for absence as well as a more serious charge of assaulting a women in which he received 3 months hard labour in Liverpool prison.
all of sgt currans crimes and misdemeanours seem to have been during times of inactivity,despite his crimes,they were always quick to promote him after he had served his sentence.

on 31st july 1917 east of ypres,this NCO[L/cpl]took his section through a heavy barrage,he seemed to be unmoved by shellfire,on several occasions,he volunteered for hazardous duties,and at all times heartened his men,on another occasion,he collected togethor stragglers from other battlions and took command of them throuthout the action,hes indifferent to danger at all times.

8th may 1918 near ridge wood,he went forward with 2 men in daylight and captured a enemy post,taking prisoner a officer and six men,he later took command of his platoon under heavy shellfire and held a isolated position until relieved,his conduct throughout was splendid.

because of his conviction for assault in 1920,they forfeited all of sgt currans military and gallantry medal awards,this was later amended and his gallantry awards were reinstated,his war and victory medals remained forfeit.

restless in peace,a salamander in war

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