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Hi everyone, as like a lot of people on here I'm trying to find finer details of a relative's WW2 records.
In my case it is my paternal Grandfather.
At the age of 15 he left home in Glasgow, jumped over the wall and headed for Liverpool whereby we're led to believe that he lied about his age to join the Liverpool regiment using the name 'Jock Black'.
Jock then joined the Cheshire's and then reverted back to his birth name Walter Sann Stuart in 1939/40 to marry my Grandmother.

He then transferred to the Manchester Regiment, not sure when unfortunately but we know he landed in France in late June 1944 with the 1st and 53rd Welsh Infantry and around Caen, Antwerp, across to Bremen and ultimately ended the war in Hamburg.

I've discovered his promotion to Lt. (QR.-Mr) as shown in the attachment.

 I'm hoping to find out some finer details about movements, possibly images, reports etc.

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Hi  Jock

The number puts him in the Cheshire Regiment when he joined the army (4120641). After 1921 the army moved to a army numbering system once you were issued a number it did not change unless you were commissioned. The Cheshire regiment like the Manchester Regiment were both Machine Gun Regiments in the Second World War so it would not be unusual to find soldiers transferring into each Regiment as they need came about. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant, Quartermaster this is the person in charge of all of the logistics in a Regiment. His rank before he was commissioned was Warrant Officer class 1, this would making him one of the most Senior Non Commissioned Officer in a battalion for example the Regimental Sergeant Major is an appointment is rank would be Warrant Officer Class 1.