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15604/21486 Thomas grundy
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Pte Gundy (B 1863)  enlisted in 14th Bttn '15604' on 24/11/1914, having previously served in the Royal Welch Fusilier.  He was admitted to Hospital for 4 days in late 1914, suffering Epilepsy. Thomas was discharged unfit at Lichfield on 21/1/1915.
Thomas must have re-enlisted in 8th Bttn '21486', from which he was discharged from 8th Bttn on 16/5/1916.
Thomas died from a Cerebral Haemorrhage on 11/2/1917, aged 54.  The Pension Card states Aggravation as an indication, his condition was aggravated by service. Reg Prestwich Q1 1917 8d/592. His occupation at Burial on 14/2/1917 was described as Soldier. Southern Cemetery F.NonC.906.
Widow Alice and adopted daughter Ada Stelford received a pension at 8 Droylesden Rd, Newton Heath.

IFCP say that the single annotation is insufficient for commemoration.

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