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Photographer of the lost - Caroline Scott
« on: December 28, 2019, 01:40:31 PM »
In between my heaps of Death Certificates and more regular festivities I finished this novel on Christmas Day. 

Caroline's Gt Grandfather was a member of 23rd Bttn and she wrote a great history of the Bantams.  She has also written about the Womens Land Army.

The Novel is a leap into fiction.  I thoroughly enjoyed her evocative description of the experiences of her 23rd Bttn characters who are three convincing brothers.  Montauban, Trones Wood and Guillemont are part of the tale and the narrative rings very true, reflecting the author's undoubted knowledge and passion for the history. Caroline has followed the theme of missing relatives who are assumed dead by the Army, yet leaving uncertainty for relatives.  She spins out a good theme of mystery and some emotion to build a really good story.

Suits military history readers who enjoy a little intrigue and passion.  I also guess more normal readers of passion and intrigue who are interested in the historic setting.

Caroline is on the edge of becoming Lancashire's Seabstain Failks - resident France.
Following one Platoon and everything around them....