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Re: hospital ships at gallipoli
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I was pleased to see that not all on the list were "Consigned to the Deep" resulting in their names being inscribed on the Helles Memorial.   In respect of Lt.Woodhouse and  Pte. Greatorex this was indeed the case.    However, I note that Pte. Sweeney is buried in Alexandria (Chatby) Military & War Memorial Cemetery and that Pte. Talbot is interred at East Mudros Military Cemetery.    PhilipG.

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Re: hospital ships at gallipoli
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360 Richard baxendale 12 bridge st Tyldesley 1/5th.HS Formosa age 30,8th aug
2121 Frederick james walker 6 bindloss ave Eccles 1/6th HS gascon.25th aug
1493 Thomas barrow 14 langholme place winton 1/5th HS southland age 23.10th june
sgt 1120 Samuel fallows 2 Kirkham st Oldham 1/10th HS somali age 23.10th june
1657 joseph henry Hartley 19 Gilmour st Ardwick 1/8th HS alaunia age 21.10th aug
3181 john Ashcroft 5 Johnson st lamberhead green 1/5th HS Formosa age 21.13th aug
2424 George Charlton 53 carter terrace CoM 1/7th HS Tunisian age 18.10th aug
2454 Stanley beecher Thomas 42 Exeter st Ardwick 1/8th HS somali age 28.8th june
2532 Herbert schofield 20 viscount st Oldham 1/10th HS saturnian age 21.4th sept
2392 Charles Edwin robinson 30 Frederick st Salford 1/8th HS somali.10th june
2031 john hough 48 greenheys lane greenheys 1/6th HS southland.6th june
stretcher bearer 1656 joseph Bolton 16 peter st leigh 1/5th HS gascon age 21.30th july
2542 claude Stafford 54 hanson st Oldham 1/10th HS rewa age 20[typhoid]20th october
3414 john William sumner tithe cottage flixton 1/5th HS Dunluce castle age 21.14th september
2398 Abraham starkey 19 miners st Oldham 1/10th HS salta age 26.28th october
1896 Robert downham 25 field st wigan 1/5th HS Formosa age 19.14th aug
L/Cpl 2591 alexander ross Belmont st CoM 1/8th HS Aquitania.17th sept
3118 George Frederick reilly 14 school st Salford 1/8th HS Aquitania age 20.18th sept
L/Cpl 2259 Alfred Creighton 27 higher Ardwick Manchester 1/8th HS somali age 21.28th june
2092 walter carter 21 back king st Oldham 1/10th HS somali age 24.10th june
1458 Oswald ditchfield 8 duke st wigan 1/5th HS Soudan age 26.9th aug
2212 walter ashton 345 Rochdale rd Oldham 1/10th HS Dunluce castle age 32.25th june
3021 Richard coad Rhodes 40 navigation rd Altrincham 1/6th HS Formosa age 26.8th aug
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Re: hospital ships at gallipoli
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2278 Herbert smith 52 paradise st Eccles 1/5th HS Dongola age 20.7th july
1758 percy Watson 1 james court denton 1/9th HS Dunluce castle age 27.25th june
2509 harry parr 7A westleigh lane leigh 1/5th HS Esmerelda age 24.9th aug
3090 leslie George whitehead hawthorne dene Stalybridge 1/6th HS Cawdor castle age 23.11th sept
2188 George evans townfield lane Frodsham 1/6th HS Soudan age 25.16th june
2407 john halliday Tyldesley 58 brook rd flixton 1/6th HS Tunisian age 34.11th august
2472 john holden 23 cottam st Oldham 1/10th HS delta age 31,8th sept
2078 Hubert berry 12 Trafalgar st Oldham 1/10th HS nevassa age 19.30th june
1401 james reid[aka jobbins]763 Rochdale rd collyhurst 1/7th HS Aquitania 20th October
2786 Frederick fisher 106 north rd Atherton 1/5th HS Formosa age 23.10th august
1413 Alfred meakin hobday 143 palatine rd,west Didsbury 1/6th HS ascania age 22.6th june
1535 john henry Connolly 77 crescent rd Dukinfield 1/9th HS Asturias.16th august
1738 alex mcclaren doig 30 Brownsville rd stockport 1/6th HS Tunisian age 25.11th august
1638 tom calderbank 8 macdonald st wigan 1/5th HS Mauritania age 21.4th November
2154 William Herbert bourne "brownswood"beech rd stockport 1/6th HS gascon age 20.30th sept
1652 Richard stott Wrigley st ashton 1/9th HS ascania age 15.5th june
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Re: hospital ships at gallipoli
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further research has indicated that hospital ships at Gallipoli were doing burials at sea while still at anchor,some were done by ships anchored beyond the 3 mile limit,those within the limit either transferred the dead to trawlers for burial ashore or the trawlers took them beyond the 3 mile limit for a sea burial.


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Re: hospital ships at gallipoli
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Almost unbelievable procedures.  I see that 1652 Pte Richard Stott of the 1/9th Manchesters and who was only 15 years old when he died, has his name inscribed on the Helles Memorial.   Whilst the SDGW records him as " sea", I have seen names of other casualties aboard the Ascania recorded as "discharged dead".     Very sad.   PhilipG.             

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Re: hospital ships at gallipoli
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Thought you might be interested in the following men of the 1/9th Manchesters who were pulled from the Ashton Reporter articles on the Ashton Pals web site:

Private 1281 John Travis:
Service Record shows Grantully Castle (Gallipoli to Mudros, June 13, 1915), Dunluce Castle (Mudros to Alexandria, June 24, 1915), Runic (Port Said to England, Sep 16, 1915).
Article Published in the Ashton Reporter Oct 16, 1915.

Lance Corporal 1994 John Florandine wrote:
"I was then transferred to Lemnos Island, and was in hospital there three weeks. On July 21st I was taken along with some other patients to the hospital ship Neuralia. We sailed next morning, and landed in Valetta Harbour (Malta) on July 24th, but were kept on board overnight and disembarked the following day."
Letter Published in the Ashton Reporter Aug 14, 1915

Private 1952 Harold Hargreaves wrote:
"The first shell burst near me, and one of the shrapnel bullets hit me behind the left ear, which made me very dizzy. One of the stretcher bearers digging with me bandaged me up. I afterwards crawled into the trench on the stretcher, and was carried by the stretcher bearers down to the base medical station. I was afterwards taken with other hospital patients on the hospital ship Grantully Castle, which set sail at night, and arrived in Port Said last night."
Letter Published in the Ashton Reporter Aug 21, 1915

Lance Corporal 2122 James William Bray wrote:
"Just a few lines to let you know how I am going on. I am on board the Gloucester Castle hospital ship bound for Malta, that is what we have heard on board. She is a new boat. I believe it is her first trip, and it is a grand sight to go through her, and every care is given to the wounded. I have McGrath on board with me." [Private 1977 James McGrath]
Letter Published in the Ashton Reporter Sept 4, 1915

Private 2499 Percy Taylor, said:
"Later they took me up on the boat, the Delta. The doctor tried his best to save my leg on the boat, but was obliged to take some of it off below the knee. Finally, I arrived at Netley."
Article Published in the Ashton Reporter April 1, 1916