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Hello, I've ended up on the forum in a roundabout way due to my main hobby. This is collecting and researching medals to people with the surname Howarth. I have recently come into possession of a couple of medals to the Manchester regiment, these are, a QSA to 6958 William Howarth 6Bn Man Reg from Salford and a TFEM to  Charles Howarth,5th Bn (later 235407 of the Middsx Reg). Unfortunately the location of Charles' WW1 Trio is unknown to me. I'm looking forward to using the information and knowledge available on the forum to help research the service of these guys.


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Re: Hello
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Hi Sooty and welcome to the forum. Please feel free to ask any questions to the team.

Best regards

Pte Sidney Lee (36719), 2nd Battalion, Worcestershire Regt - dow 18.02.17
Sgt Charles Roberts (13668), 11th Bn, Manchester Regiment - kia 18.05.18
Bombardier John Hesford (70065), 147th Heavy Battery, RGA dow - 04.09.18
Pte Sidney Lee (4131324), 8th Bn, Cheshire Regiment -  kia 12.03.41

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Re: Hello
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Hello Sooty, welcome to the forum. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.


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Re: Hello
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I hope this helps:

William Howarth was a labourer living at 83 Chapel Street, Salford when he enlisted as a private in the 4th (Militia) Battalion The Manchester Regiment at Ashton-Under-Lyne on 28 November 1899, he had previously served with the 3rd East Lancs Regt. He was appointed lance corporal on 15 January 1900 and promoted corporal on 14 March but reduced to private (and sentenced to 7 days hard labour) on 19 May after being tried by Regimental Court Martial for being drunk while on canteen duty on 16 May.
Due to the outbreak of the Boer War in 1899, Army Order 50 of March 1900 announced the increase of six regiments of infantry by two line battalions to be numbered the 3rd and 4th battalions respectively.  The Manchester Regiment was one of those Regiments selected and, as a consequence, the existing 3rd and 4th (Militia) Battalions were renumbered as the 5th and 6th (Militia) Battalions. Both battalions volunteered for service in South Africa.
The 5th (Militia) Battalion was embodied on 3 May 1900 and sent to Aldershot where it remained until 19 October when it returned to Ashton-under-Lyne and was disembodied. However, from the commencement of the war drafts were sent to both the 1st and 2nd Battalions in South Africa. In May 1901 the 5th (Militia) Battalion was again mobilised and landed in Cape Town on 10 July 1901 remaining in South Africa until peace was declared on 31 May 1902. It arrived back at Ashton-under-Lyne on 31 July 1902 and was disembodied that same day.
Pte Howarth was embodied in the 6th (Militia) Battalion on 6 January 1902 and promoted to corporal on the same day. The 6th (Militia) Battalion was eventually mobilised and Pte Howarth and the 6th Battalion embarked for South Africa from Southampton on 13 February 1902, arrived in Cape Town in March and took over the blockhouse line between Jagersfontein and Achterlong, later extending to Tweedale. The battalion returned to England on 4 September 1902 arriving back on the 30th. Pte Howarth was reduced to private again on 15 September 1902 for refusing a “lawful command” but promoted corporal again in September 1902. He was discharged as “time expired” on 28 November 1905.

Bob B