Author Topic: boer war heroes suicide  (Read 2428 times)

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boer war heroes suicide
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pte 5047 Edward van ryne
1st manchesters
12 smarts lane,loughton
age 26

Edward was one of the battalion who were besieged at ladysmith,he was mentioned in sir George whites despatches for gallantry at caesers camp on 6-1-1900,he contracted enteric fever and sunstroke during the siege,and was invalided home.

on 6th june 1904 he was working with his father at their blacksmiths shop and complained of pains in his head,he had suffered from these since coming home from the war,his father advised him to go home,he arrived home and told his brother that he was going for a walk round the forest[epping]he failed to return home that night and a search the following day discovered his body near the reservoir with his throat cut,a cut throat razor was clenched in his hand,he had only been married 3 days to his sweetheart of 6yrs

RIP Edward another victim of combat stress