Author Topic: the sons of pte 772 george pearce  (Read 2504 times)

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the sons of pte 772 george pearce
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:55:52 PM »
pte pearce served 30yrs in the 96th foot[2nd manchesters]5 of his 6 sons followed him into the manchesters and the service racked up by George and his five sons was over 130yrs

L/sgt 1248 Arthur Dudley,killed 23-4-17 with 16th battalion[formerly 2nd batt]15yrs service
1914 trio

RSM 6608 albert,edward over 32yrs service,2nd batt
1914 trio
Belgium Croix de guerre
LSGC medal

Cpl 3313 Charles,2nd batt,died of disease in SA 24-1-1921.10yrs service
QSA medal

sgt 3880 james 2nd batt 26yrs service
QSA medal[def ladysmith]
W+V medals
defence medal WW2
LSGC medal

sgt 4983 William,joseph,1st batt,died Mesopotamia 13-6-16,20yrs service
QSA medal
delhi durbar medal
1914 trio
LSGC medal

that's quite a haul,four LSGC medals to one family must be pretty rare