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my boys 18th manchesters
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on 19th july 1916 mr Harold Thompson wrote to the records office at preston to enquire about his son frank,mr Thompson lived at 55 wellington st east,higher broughton,he was a auctioneer with premises at 11 queen st,albert square,manchester,he told them that he had received news that his boys john and frank had both been wounded on 9th july and the youngest john had died of his wounds,he was anxious to know how his other boy frank was,on the day he was writing,frank had died in the 21st CCS of his wounds.

a third son albert was wounded in left arm on 31st july,which put an end to his further part in the war

lance cpl 10731 frank thompson
pte 10724 john thompson
pte 10730 albert Thompson

the only consolation to mr Thompson is that his two boys have a grave to visit and are not amongst the legions of missing