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Barrack Hospital, Ashton Under Lyne
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 At long last :)

 I first came to this forum to find out information on my Granddad,
 after a lady posted an album that was owned by her 'Great Aunt'
 from when she was a VAD in the Barrack Hospital, Ashton Under Lyne,
 most are dated from 1915, (on roots chat) that had my Granddad writings
 on one of the pages.

 I knew there had to be a medical center at the Ladysmith (as it was renamed)
 Barracks but have not been able to find any reference to it, until now.

 As in most of the cases you tend to find out information while looking for something else.

 This is from

Visited by the Director-General and Dr. Perry on 27th April, 1903.

 Number of beds in hospital – 16.
 Number of sick on date of visit – 4, of whom 3 were venereal cases, and 1 a sprained knee.
 Average number of daily sick for the month – 3 Regulars and 3 Militia
 Strength of station – 11 Officers, 161 men, 55 women and 101 children.
 Medical Officer – Surgeon-Lieut.-Colonel J. Duncan [Volunteers]
 Strength of Royal Army Medical Corps – 1 non-commissioned officer, 2 orderlies, 1 of them a cook.

 This was a badly kept hospital. The surgical dressings were in disorder,
 and exposed; the w.c.’s wanted flushing, the kitchen drawers were untidy,
 the bread crocks were dirty. The patients were in very dirty clothes, the
 round towels were grimy, the bed sackings stained. The convalescent chair
 had its caster off. The pack store clean linen are in the same room, the dirty
 linen store wants cleaning. In the isolation block the w.c. is encrusted with
 deposit, and the orderly’s room very dirty. The wards badly want distempering.
 There is the usual lack of any hot water supply.
 I do hope it improved by 1915!!!!



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Re: Barrack Hospital, Ashton Under Lyne
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Everything comes to he who waits  :) It doesn‘t sound the sort of place one would expect to make a speedy recovery.


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Re: Barrack Hospital, Ashton Under Lyne
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Early in 1943, in a very overcrowded  RN barracks at Gosport, I got Scarlet Fever and Impetigo.   Others got Diphtheria and Impetigo.   Arriving at RAF Moncton, New Brunswick in transit, the station was in quarantine.  Scarlet Fever had broken out.   So much for hygiene in WW2.  PhilipG.


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Re: Barrack Hospital, Ashton Under Lyne
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 Thank goodness for the internet and the info you can now find.

 That is a very damning report not sure who would of been held responsible?

 Thank goodness they improved by the time some of us were born in them :)