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Non Commissioned Graves / Re: 48882 james weaver
« Last post by PaulC on Today at 03:38:53 PM »
Pension records for this man have service number TR/3/16768.
Non Commissioned Graves / Re: Pte 1551 / 376738 George Warburton
« Last post by Tim Bell on Today at 08:21:56 AM »
It's great to see Obits. Thanks for posting.
Donald Giddins is alive and well,i spoke to him and his wife Herta both very nice people.Donald Giddins was in the Manchester regiment band then he was in the Kings regiment and I think he said then the REME, in all for 30 years.He said he was not with my dad when they got captured but they were in a prison together at the start.Donald Giddins and James Royles were released shortly after.He told me he had been told he could not get married so for him he done it so he could get married.He daid he did know my dad and he saw my dad after he escaped from Cottbus.He told me he still plays the saxophone today.
I posted about this man on GWF earlier this year, I assumed the absence of a DC would be a problem and never got any further. Good to see that he's gone forward!
Non Commissioned Graves / Re: Pte 1551 / 376738 George Warburton
« Last post by PaulC on July 11, 2020, 06:45:46 PM »
From the Oldham newpaper...


Sad circumstances surround the death of George Warburton, which took place at the home of his parents 27, Grains road, Shaw, on Saturday last.  He was 26 years of age, and before joining the army in December, 1915, was employed as a piecer at the Shaw Spinning Company's mill.  He served in A company of the 1/7 Manchester Regiment with the 2nd Division in France and Belgium, and in 1918 was gassed.  He was discharged unfit from the forces in July, 1919, and was then suffering from consumption.  He did not work again after serving in the army, and was confined to bed for a considerable period before his death.  He was a regular attender at Nook Wesleyan Sunday School, and when his remains were interred at Crompton Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon the scholars sent a beautiful wreath.  Deceased was of an amicable dispositon, and much sympathy has been expressed with the family in their loss.

I can't seem to post attachments but if anyone's interested in the DC just let me know. As far as I could tell when I visited, there is no headstone on his grave at Crompton.
Non Commissioned Graves / Re: Pte 20119 Joseph Liversage
« Last post by PaulC on July 11, 2020, 06:25:37 PM »
The pension records give his name as either LIVERSEDGE or LIVERSIDGE, while his death appears be registered as the latter. I don't see any other military records for him.
1939 - 1945 / Re: Cpl Frederick S J Chester 9th Manchester Regiment
« Last post by Bob.NB on July 11, 2020, 06:20:22 PM »
Battalion WWII details are often hard to find - do have a look at the regimental history website.
The 9th Battalion were part of the 46th Division - there is quite a good website on this on Wikipedia.
Also Volunteer Infantry of Ashton-under-Lyne 1859-1971 covers the 9th battalion in WWII - you should be able to find a copy somewhere.
Finally you may be able to find a copy of The Story of 46 Division 1939-1945 (printed at the University Press 'Styria', Graz, Austria) gives a good account but is very hard to find.
Bob B
96th Regiment 1759 - 1881 / Re: colonel Thomas Mcdermott
« Last post by Bob.NB on July 11, 2020, 06:02:45 PM »
I cannot find any reference to Thomas McDermott in the regimental history (History of the Manchester Regiment (late the 63rd and 96thFoot) by Col H.C. Wylly (1925) which is unusual if indeed he was colonel of the 96th.
With the reduction in the size of the Army following the end of the Napoleonic War the 96th Foot was renumbered the 95th Foot in early 1816 when the 95th Foot became the Rifle Brigade . The 97th (Queen's Own Germans) Regiment of Foot, which was brought into the Army in 1804 and fought in the Peninsula, was renumbered as the 96th at the same time - your Thomas McDermott therefore may actually have been in the 97th.
All highly confusing I know.
Bob B
1939 - 1945 / Colonel Crozier's Diaries
« Last post by Red W on July 10, 2020, 02:42:25 PM »
Hi All,

I'm currently researching my grandfather's service with the 1st Manchesters in North West Europe during 1944. I've found various sources and have a good idea of where he served, but one - the diary of Maj/Lt Col Crozier keeps popping up.

It's held by the Imperial War Museum (, but it seems a visit will not be possible until at least early 2021 due to the archives being temporarily closed. I wondered whether anyone here has any suggestions for an alternative source (or even better a copy) they'd be willing to share?

Any help appreciated.
1914 - 1918 / Re: Pte. E W Cutcliffe, Manchester Regt. 41656 - Military Medal??
« Last post by XYZ#1 on July 10, 2020, 11:44:58 AM »
Thank you both Tim & Charlie for all the help and information you've been able to provide

If you do unearth anything more please let me know

Kind Regards
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