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Title: Needle in a Haystack - Unknown Manchester Regt Soldier
Post by: Clanky on July 30, 2014, 12:34:04 AM
I know this is going to be a total shot in the dark or trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack, but as they say nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have tried in vain to identify the soldier on the attached photo. I have been previously told the cap badge is almost definately that of the Manchesters (with a tiny possibility it could be the Welsh Regt).

Basically, i found the photo in a wallet that was in with a load of other stuff that had come from my gran's house after she passed on.

I passed it around the family and no one had a clue who it was until my Great Aunt said she was pretty sure it was her brother's (my great uncle) 'best pal' from his time in the Lancashire Fusilers during WW2, and his first name was 'Eddie'.

My great uncle was John Elias Bradley and a summary of his service records was as follows:-

Enlisted at Manchester into The Border Regiment Territorial Army     26.08.41
Relegated to Army Reserve                                                      26.08.41
Embodid & Posted to 70th Battalion The Border Regiment               04.09.41
Transferred to Lancashire Fusiliers and posted to 2/6th Battalion      24.08.42
Transferred to Leicester Regiment and posted to 2/5th Battalion             21.03.43
Transferred to the Sherwood Foresters and posted to 14th Battalion     03.02.44
Killed in Action (aged 21)                                                                 14.03.44

Service with the Colours                               04.09.41 to 14.03.44
Overseas Service: North Africa                       21.12.42 to 14.03.44

So based on the above, i have assumed the following:-

He's a soldier who served with Lanc Fusilers & Manchester Regt during WW2.
As they served together in the early part of the war he will not have had General Service Army No.
Very likely i am looking for Mcr Regt soldier with an Army No which falls within the Lancashire Fusiliers block allocation (i.e. 3433001 - 3511000)
or vice versa a Lanc Fusilers with an Army No within the Manchester Regiment allocation (i.e 3511001 - 3589000)
He was similar age as my great uncle (i.e. only about 19 years old circa 1941/42)
May have transferred out of the 2/6th Lanc Fusilers similar time as my great uncle

Possibly a slim chance that they have known each other previously, or became 'Pals' because they came from the same area of NE Manchester (i.e. Newton Heath, Bradford, Clayton area)

The photo is early WW2 (my assumption but can't see anything on it like uniform details or anything on the back of it to confirm)

So with regard to the above (very slim) information, has anyone got any ideas, pointers or further info etc or think of any further avenues of research i could pursue.



Title: Re: Needle in a Haystack - Unknown Manchester Regt Soldier
Post by: sphinx on July 30, 2014, 11:11:00 AM

All I can add is that he is 100% wearing the Fleur de Lys cap badge of the Manchester Regiment and definately NOT the Welch Regiment.