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Title: the thompson brothers. 18th manchesters
Post by: mack on April 13, 2013, 08:11:00 PM
mr harold thompson a valuer+auctioneer whos premises were at 11 queens st,albert square manchester and who resided at 55 wellington st east,higher broughton had three sons who joined the 18th manchesters,all served togethor in D.coy.XIV platoon,they were frank,albert and john

on the 19th july 1916 he wrote to the records officer at preston

dear sir.
i have this morning recieved with deep regret that my son john has died of wounds,i have an older son frank in the same regiment who was wounded at the same time,but up to now i havent been able to ascertain the nature of his wounds or where he is.

frank died of a GSW to the abdomen at the 21st CCS at the time his father was writing his letter[19th july]both brothers had been taken to the 98th FA after being wounded on 9th july,john was moved to the 2nd gen hospital at abbeville with wounds to his lower back,he died on 16th july,the third brother albert had his left arm smashed by MG fire on 30th july

10730 albert thompson.age 20
10731 frank thompson.age 21
10724 john thompson.age 19

mack ;D