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Title: captain rylands 1/7th manchesters
Post by: mack on September 02, 2009, 06:27:34 AM
11 oclock on the evening of 28th may 1915,gallipoli

captain rylands and capt smedley were ordered to move forward to within 150yds of the turkish trenches and dig in,capt rylands who had been detatched from capt smedleys company,and attatched to B.coy,was on the left of the line,with a half company,this being done under a full moon,capt rylands was hit in the shoulder but refused to go back,he was given water by a sgt who was nearby,and helped to his designated position,but recieved another wound that proved fatal and he died within 5 minutes,his body was brought in and buried at the rear of our trench the following day,a cross was made from a periscope that had been smashed by a turkish sniper.

capt reginald,victor rylands
mortally wounded 28th/29th may 1915
aged 23
son of richard,walter+mary,elizabeth rylands,ashburn lodge,worsley

now buried in redoubt cemetery,helles
Title: Re: captain rylands 1/7th manchesters
Post by: liverpool annie on September 02, 2009, 10:35:19 PM

Heres a picture ....