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Title: mentioned in despatches 1st manchesters
Post by: mack on August 19, 2009, 11:35:11 AM
london gazette 15-8-17
Lt/gen sir stanley maudes despatches

act/armoury serjeant 7229 randolph,ivor,b england
act/cpl 16805 william,e staveley
L/cpl 2838 charles yeo
L/cpl 979 richard,a,j smith
L/cpl 2397 robert macdonald
pte 2956 john,henry mayers gazette
act/cqms 7229 randolph,ivor,b england awarded MSM for devotion to duty[mesopotamia]
resided at 7 kenn st,clevedon,somerset

L/cpl yeos medals were later forfeited,but returned to him in the mid 1920s
he also won the gazette 20-10-16 and previously MID 19-10-16
resided at 101 henry st,west gorton