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Title: Liberated PoW Interrogation Questionnaires Japanese Pows
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The record series WO344 consists of approximately 140,000 Liberation Questionnaires completed by British and Commonwealth servicemen, with a few from other Allied nationals and merchant seamen. While the plans to question all liberated PoWs never materialised, these records still represent a large percentage of those still in enemy hands in 1945. They are arranged alphabetically by name sequences with separate sections for those held by Germany and Japan.

Although the German and Japanese questionnaires differ in appearance and format, the information they might provide is similar. As well as giving personal details, name, rank, number, unit and home address, these records can include: date and place of capture; main camps and hospitals in which imprisoned and work camps; serious illnesses suffered while a prisoner and medical treatment received; interrogation after capture; escape attempts; sabotage; suspicion of collaboration by other Allied prisoners; details of bad treatment by the enemy to themselves or others. In addition, individuals were given the opportunity to bring to official notice any other matters, such as courageous acts by fellow prisoners or details of civilians who assisted them during escape and evasion activities. Consequently, additional documentation is sometimes attached.Both questionnaires also enquire whether the prisoner witnessed or had any information about war crimes. If so they were required to complete a form 'Q'. These documents were not kept with the main report, but passed to the appropriate Allied authorities investigating alleged war crimes. Whiles no discrete record holds these forms, they are occasionally found in War Crimes files. For further information see research guide War Crimes of the Second World War (Military Records Research Guide 27).
The files WO208/5437-5450 contain the second, more specific, 'pink' questionnaire that followed on from those in WO344 . They were made by individuals identified by MI9/IS9 lists as having been directly involved with an escape organisation or who had some other significant function within the PoW camp's internal organisation. The form consists of 25 questions relating to topics such as: the work of escape committees; escape aids and their usefulness; German censorship; receipt and dissemination of coded messages; collection of geographical information that might assist future escape attempts; and internal communications.

A card index to additional more comprehensive Liberation reports in WO208/3328-3340 is held in the Research Enquiries Room at The National Archives. While these two series of reports are duplicates, researchers are advised to order both copies as the second series in particular can include Appendices. Additional detailed Liberation reports for camps in Germany are held in WO 208/3341-3342; an incomplete nominal index is contained in the first of these files.


361 Arron-Angel Box No1.Done.
361/1 Aaron-Alesbrook.
361/2 Alexander-Angel.

362 Anger-Ayton Box No2. Done
362/1 Anger-Armstrong T.
362/2 Armstrong W-Ayton.

363 Baba-Barton Box No3.
363/1 Baba-Bamcroft. Done
363/2 Bamendine-Barton.

364 Bartram-Bibby Box No4.
364/1 Bartram-Bedworth.
364/2 Bee-Bibby.

365 Bicker-Boyton Box No5.
365/1 Bicker-Blakemore.
365/2 Blakeney-Boyton.

366 Brabham-Brown Box No6.
366/1 Brabham-Briggs S.
366/2 Briggs T-Brown.

367 Browne-Calvert Box No7.
367/1 Browne-Burgoyne K.
367/2 Burgoyne-Calvert.

368 Cambert-Cherry Box No8.

369 Chesham-Colenzo Box No9.
369/1 Chesham-Clarke.
369/2 Clarke-Colenzo.

370 Coles-Coyne Box No10.

371 Crabb-Davie Box No11
371/1 Crabb-Crossley J.
371/2 Crossley K-Davie.

372 Davies-Dixie Box No12.
372/1 Davies-Daye.
372/2 Daykin-Dixie.

373 Dixon-Durkin Box No13.
373/1 Dixon-Downey.
373/2 Downham-Durkin.

374 Durman-Evanson Box No14.
374/1 Durman-Edwards.
374/2 Edworthy-Evanson.

375 Eve-Flavin Box No15.
375/1 Eve-Feakes A.
375/2 Feakes H-Flavin.

376 Fleet-Fyffe Box No16.
376/1 Fleet-Foster.
376/2 Fostey/Fyffe.

377 Gabell-Gill Box No17.
377/1 Gabell-Geldard.
377/2 Geldart-Gill.

378 Gillan-Graves Box No18.
378/1 Gillan-Gooch.
378/2 Good-Graves.

379 Gray-Hadley Box No19.
379/1 Gray-Grieves.
379/2 Grievson-Hadley.

380 Hadlow-Harrod Box No20.
380/1 Hadlow-Hanel.
380/2 Haner-Harrod.

381 Harrold-Henry Box No21.
381/1 Harrold-Hayes.
381/2 Hayes-Henry.

382 Hensey-Honeywill Box No22.
382/1 Hensey-Hinchley.
382/2 Hinchcliffe-Honywill.

383 Hood-Huns Box No23.
383/1 Hood-Howlett.
383/2 Howorth-Huns.

384 Hunt-Jelley Box No24.
384/1 Hunt-Ingram.
384/2 Ingram=Jelley.

385 Jelly-Keane Box No25.
385/1 Jelly H-Jones A W.
385/2 Jones B C-Keane.

386 Kear-Kyrniski Box No26.
386/1 Kear-Kettley.
386/2 Kew-Kyrniski.

387 Laban-Leys Box No27.
387/1 Laban-Laws.
387/2 Lawson-Leys.

388 Lias-Lytle Box No28.
388/1 Lias-Lloyds.
388/2 Loader-Lytle.

389 MacAlister-MacWhiter Box No29.

390 McAdam-McWilliams Box No30.
390/1 McAdam-McGrath.
390/2 McGreen-McWilliams.

391 Maartense-Maslyn Box No31.
391/1 Maartense-Mann M.
391/2 Mann R-Maslyn.

392 Mason-Mills Box No32.
392/1 Mason-Meehan.
392/2 Meek-Mills.

393 Millsom-Mytton Box No33.
393/1 Millson-Morris.
393/2 Morrisette-Mytton.

394 Nabi-Oddy Box No34.
394/1 Nabi-Nicholetts.
394/2 Nicholl-Oddy.

395 Odell-Pask Box No35.
395/1 Odell/Owens D.
395/2 Owens J-Pask.

396 Paskin-Pike Box No36.
396/1 Paskin-Pemberton.
396/2 Pemble-Pike.

397 Pilch-Quirke Box No37.
397/1 Pilch-Power G.
397/2 Power N-Quirke.

398 Rabbie-Roast Box No38.
398/1 Rabbie-Reader.
398/2 Readhead-Reynolds R.
398/3 Reynolds T-Roast.

399 Robb-Rushwort Box No39.
399/1 Robb-Roche P.
399/2 Roche W-Rushworth.

400 Ruskin-Settle Box No40.
400/1 Ruskin-Sarney.
400/2 Sartain-Settle.

401 Sevens-Slater Box No41.
401/1 Sevens-Shillito K.
401/2 Shillitto N-Slater.

402 Slatter-Sparrow Box No42.
402/1 Slatter-Smith H.
402/2 Smith J-Sparrow.

403 Sparvell-Stoner Box No43.
403/1 Sparvell-Stark.
403/2 Starkey-Stoner.

404 Stookes-Taylor Box No44.
404/1 Stookes-Swallow.
404/2 Swaminathan-Taylor.

405 Teadley-Taylor Box No45.
405/1 Teadley-Thomson J.
405/2 Thomson K-Totterdell.

406 Towler-Wall Box No46.
406/1 Towler-Umney.
406/2 Underdown-Wall.

407 Wallace-Welch Box No47.
407/1 Wallace-Warters.
407/2 Warwick-Welch.

408 Welden-Wigram Box No48.
408/1 Weldon-Whitcombe.
408/2 White-Wigram.

409 Wilbur-Wintle Box No49.
409/1 Wilbur-Williamson.
409/2 Willicombe-Wintle.

410 Winton-Zuzarte Box No50.
410/1 Winton-Wough.
410/2 Woulfe flanagan-Zuzarte.