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Title: last orders at the bar
Post by: mack on August 15, 2020, 08:34:26 AM
the old white hart inn,chadderton

during WW1 a hundred men enlisted or were mobilised from the pub,over a third of them[35]joined the manchester regiment,of the hundred men,22 never got to raise a glass again or to toast the peace in 1918,11 of these men were from the manchesters

870 james bardsley,48 george st,oldham 1/10th batt,age 26
14192 joseph bradbury,180 west end st,oldham,24th batt,age 30
47519 granville crawford,25 middleton rd,oldham,19th batt,age 29
33989 willam gee,72 chadderton rd,oldham,23rd batt,age 31
375053 james robinson,34 chadderton rd,oldham,1/6th batt,age 30
32967 harry henthorn,58 chadderton rd,oldham,22nd batt age 20
2472 john holden,23 cottam st,oldham,1/10th batt,age 31
1083 samuel,wood holden,24 library lane,oldham,1/10th batt,age 40
21601 alfred king,117 west st,oldham,23rd batt,age 18
1579 james vaudrey,2 court,rochdale rd,oldham,1/10th batt,age 35
cpl 375975 samuel wild,830 oldham rd,bardsley,2/10th batt,age 22