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Title: military medals gallipoli
Post by: mack on July 05, 2019, 02:38:06 PM
the following two men appear to have been awarded MMs for their part in the Gallipoli campaigne,both were in the 1/9th manchesters,they seem to be the only soldiers from the regiment to have been awarded MMs for Gallipoli

drummer 1160 Harold Broadhurst
Ellison st,ashton
MIDs 1915
MM gazetted 9-7-17
discharged 27-8-16

Cpl 2146 albert platt
2 warrington st,stalybridge
on 24th june 1915 albert and his company were in a rest area at Gallipoli,albert was about to take a bath in the sea when he was struck by a piece of shell in the right leg,he was evacuated to malta where his leg was amputated,he had been brought to notice about his consistently good work at Gallipoli,he was discharged on 3-2-1917
he received his MM on 23-9-1920
on 4th june 1915 he helped to bring in three of his wounded men,one of theirs place of death was a mystery,one was left in the turkish trenches and never seen again and the other died on a hospital ship at sea

1652 Richard[dick] stott,age 15,was shot in the head,he died at sea on 13th june
L/cpl 2141 joe richard bertenshaw,was left in the turks trenches and vanished on 7th june
2068 a.wrigleys place of death was a mystery on 7th june
Title: Re: military medals gallipoli
Post by: PhilipG on July 06, 2019, 04:11:05 PM

I see that 1652 Pte Stott whose name is recorded on the Helles Memorial is yet another boy soldier.    So sad.   PhilipG.
Title: Re: military medals gallipoli
Post by: mack on July 06, 2019, 05:33:02 PM
hiya Philip
his mum and dad were devastated by his death,his dad john who worked for ashton corporation said that young richard had always wanted to be a ashton territorial,so I didn't stand in his way,it was what he always wanted,he was shot in the head while helping to dig a communication trench on 4th june,cpl platt wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the dressing station.

enlisted as a boy,died like a man.RIP richard